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At Reid’s we have been servicing all Honda and Acura vehicles since 1978. We take pride in our record of customer satisfaction. Our business is tried and true; our technicians are highly qualified and trained specifically to Reid’s high standards. From a fast and easy oil change to replacing an engine or a transmission; choose Reid’s as your one stop shop for all your Honda and Acura service needs.

We offer all genuine Honda lubricants and parts. We also offer quality aftermarket parts and will advise when these can be used as a benefit to you, your car, and your wallet.

At Reids we generally go by the adage if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, but in some cases an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We will give you the honest evaluation for you to be able to tell us which way to go!


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  • For you convenience we are open the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month from 8:00AM – 12:00PM


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Average time is about 30 Thousand miles.  This figure depends on the driver’s use of brakes and how often they are applied due to driving conditions.  We find because of factory settings some vehicle’s rear brakes wear sooner than the fronts but usually the fronts wear a bit faster than the rears.

  • A high pitched screeching noise is the noise of your brake wear indicators telling you that it’s time to replace your brake pads.
  • Brake noise that is off and on and not consistent comes from uneven wear or rotor polishing. As the braking system heats up, harmonic noise can occur from rotors whose surface has become glass-like. Some brake pads are made from materials that heat up faster and make the pad wear uneven and noisy.
  • *Reid uses ceramic brake pads. Ceramic pads are the best and coolest material available for your braking system. Reid’s pads come with a lifetime guarantee (your car’s life). After replacing a pad set, all following pad set parts are free.

Disc brakes are a system comprised of pads and rotors. A set of pads grab the rotor to brake. The repetitive motion of braking polishes the surface of the rotor making it glassy. Excessive braking or one panic stop can warp or bend the rotor surface. Machining the rotors, called resurfacing or turning, is done to restore an even, matte finish, which in turn provides a surface with better stopping power and less chance of unwanted brake noise.

At Reid’s, we believe so whole heartedly that your rotors should be turned with every front brake job that we cover this under our brake warranty program.  We will provide your vehicle with resurfaced front rotors for your car’s life, only charging you the labor for replacing your used rotors with ones that we have previously turned that are sitting there waiting for the job to expedite the process. The warranty can be voided by allowing your pads and rotors to go metal to metal thereby damaging both. This problem with need new rotors and pad replacement and the warranty will start anew.

Rear rotors are designed too thin to turn by the factory. So it is very important not to allow your rear pads to go metal to metal. This will result in needing replacement of your rear rotors with your rear pads.

If this happens when you drive (not when you brake) your tires could be out of balance, uneven, out of round or other suspension issues. If this happens when you brake your brake rotors could be warped or bent. Excessive braking or consecutive braking, such as coming down out of the mountains or one panic stop can cause the brake pads to damage the rotors. To cure this problem the rotors need to be resurfaced or replaced. You may need to replace your brake pads as well. 

All Turbo charged models and most cars 2012 and younger call for full synthetic oil.  We use all of Honda’s fluids. All we carry are Honda’s synthetic blends 5w20 or 10w30, or Honda’s full synthetic 0w-20. FYI, Your vehicles oil cap is imprinted with what type of oil you should use. Always remember that oils will mix, synthetic or crude. We recommend using the correct oils but if you’re in an emergency where you need oil in your engine, any oil is better than no oil!

All 4 cylinder Hondas are now Turbo Charged.  Honda has taken a smaller engine in the need to have vehicles get a higher MPG (miles per gallon) rating. This smaller engine is then Turbo Charged to give it the same power as it’s bigger, older cousins. When an engine is turbo charged it runs hotter and harder than a regular gasoline engine does. This hotter running engine reduces the oil’s viscosity (thickness/lubrication value). We find any more than 5 thousand miles the oil looks black and watery. If oil is not changed religiously every 5 Thousand Miles, your Turbo Honda will not last as long as your old Honda. We used to say that a Honda had an average life expectancy of 300 thousand miles. Today’s Honda turbo will not last as long as a traditional engine. We are estimating it won’t last half that unless oil is changed every 5 thousand at first and even every 3 thousand as the car gets older. Only time will tell how long these vehicles will last and what it will take to keep them on the road.

Changing your fluids regularly, your engine oil every 5 Thousand miles and your Transmissions oil regularly is the secret to your vehicle’s longevity. This is tried and true! Coming to see Reid’s for your Honda or Acura needs every 5 thousand miles is a wise car care package. We are vested in making sure your vehicle reaches its full mileage potential. For oil burners and turbo’s we recommend changing your oil fluid roughly every 3 thousand miles.

A check engine light is the engines computer sensing a malfunction or a malfunctioning sensor. It’s generally an emissions code, and in certain vehicles it could be a transmission code, a Vtech code, or even a misfire code. Although usually benign to your vehicles function, you must get the code/codes read to be sure. We read, diagnose and give repair costs. 

This means your car thinks it’s time for an oil change and its basically an Oil Change timer – Your vehicles timer will allow you to drive generally 5,000 – 10,000 miles on a cycle. This is an algorithm that fluctuates based on driving conditions. It does not know if your oil is dirty, clean, full or in need of oil, it only knows when it was last reset! If you’ve just changed your oil someone has forgotten to reset your timer. Your  vehicle’s owner’s manual has the info as to how to reset your M.R.L. If you had us change your oil and your light has come on, please come on back, it’ll only take us 5 minutes to reset it. This timer is not engine friendly. You need to change your oil sooner than it recommends. 

A Radiator is flushed and fluid is replaced at the 100,000 mile service.  For a 6 cylinder it’s when the Timing-belt Job is due. For a 4 cylinder it’s when the Drive-belt Job is due.  Since 1990 all Honda radiators are made of plastic. Plastic dries and cracks as it degrades. This degrading process is magnified by living in a hot/dry climate and the 190 degrees of hot water that circulates through it to cool your engine.  Because of these factors we have recommended replacing your vehicle’s cooling system heart (the radiator) every 10 years or 200,000 miles – whatever comes first.

Our Honda & Acura Services

Oil Change


We recommend an oil change every 5 thousand miles. There are 2 exceptions. The very first oil change because the manufacturer places a conditioner that helps your piston rings seat, so we suggest waiting to 6 thousand miles. As your car gets older or if you happen to have an oil burner, we suggest every 3 thousand miles.



We suggest every 15k for a regular transmission with DW1 Fluid. Every 20k for a CVT (constant velocity transmission) with HCF-2 Fluid, and every 30k for the newer push button transmissions with the DW 3.1 & 3.2 Fluids.

Spark Plugs &

Timing Belts

Spark plugs are now made to last 100 thousand miles and should be replaced at this time.

On all 6 cylinder cars we suggest a Timing Belt Job @ 100 thousand miles and we replace the Timing Belt, Timing Belt Tensioner, Timing Belt Tensioner Adjuster, Water Pump, Drive Belt, Drive Belt Tensioner Assembly or Pulleys, Sparks Plugs and Coolant.

On all 4 cylinder Timing Chain cars we recommend a Drive Belt Job @ 100 thousand miles, we replace the Drive Belt, Drive Belt Tensioner Assemblies or Pulleys, Spark Plugs, and Coolant.



From Tire Rotation, Suspension Issues, Check Engine Lights, Engine Performance, Batteries, Starters, Alternators, Engines, Transmissions, Air Conditioning, to Fluids, Filters and even Wiper Blades. We take care of all your Honda and Acura’s needs.

Why Choose rEID’S?


We are the service that estimates fairly the issues with the car and gives you the precise help you need to make your car safe!


Lots of satisfied clients return to our certified service to get preventative maintenance or get help from our skilled car mechanics!


We guarantee the quality of the work performed. That's why we stand behind all of our labor for 6 months and pass on the manufacturer parts warranty to you.


Every 5K Miles

• Oil & Filter Change
• General Safety Inspection

Every 15K Miles

• Oil & filter Change
• Automatic Transmission Fluid Change (DW-1)
• Rotate Tires
• Replace Engine Air Filter
• General Safety Inspection

Every 20K Miles

• CVT Tranmission Fluid Change (HCF-2)

Every 30K Miles

• Oil & Filter Change
• Automatic Transmission Fluid Change
• Replace Cabin Air Filter
• Manual Tranmission Fluid Change
• Differential Fluid Change
• General Safety Inspection
• Push Button Gear Selector Vehicles Need Transmission Fluid Change (Type 3.1)

Every 60K Miles

• Rear Differential Fluid on Some 4WD/AWD
• Manual Transmission Fluid Change
• General Safety Inspection
• Add 30K service

Every 90K Miles

• Brake Fluid Exchange Service Front End Differential Fluid
• Change on Ridgeline, MDX, and some Pilots
• General Safety Inspection
• Add 30K service

Every 105K Miles

• Timing Belt Job on 6 Cylinder Vehicles*
• Drive Belt Job on 4 Cylinder Vehicles**
• Spark Plug Replacement
• Coolant Replacement
• General Safety Inspection

*Timing Belt Car

If a Timing Belts breaks or becomes loose, your engine will be ‘out of time’, this is catastrophic for a combustion engine.  This is why it must be replaced every 105,000 miles, it could last longer but the longer you go the higher your odds are of disaster.  There are other circumstances when the timing belt will require replacement: when the belt is oil-soaked or damaged, or when another part failed, or is failing, such as the water pump, or any of the tensioners.  The timing belt job is done to avoid having the timing belt and related parts break/fail while driving, which typically results in bent valves.

**Drive Belt Car

In 2002, Honda started moving away from the timing belt in 4 cylinder engines. These engines have a timing chain instead, however these cars still have parts that need replacing every 105,000 mile mark such as, the drive belt and its tensioner assembly. Your vehicle’s drive/serpentine belt run the power steering pump (unless it’s electric), ac compressor, and the alternator. There are other reasons for drive belt replacement: when the belt is oil-soaked, or other components have broken and damaged the belt.


Every 10 years, or earlier in the event of very high miles, your radiator should be replaced, as preventative maintenance. The radiator is your engine’s cooling system, and your engine cannot run if it becomes too hot. In fact, some of the parts will melt and finally the engine will fail. This very important part is now made of plastic. Plastics are made to degrade, as it degrades the plastic become brittle and dry. The hot dry climate and the hot water running through the system all speed up this degrading process. This is why we recommend replacing your vehicle’s radiator every 10 years.


New vehicle purchases and/or general safety inspections run a half hours worth of labor. 

Check Engine Lights

We will read and diagnose all check engine lights for a half hour to 1 hour diagnostic fee. Sometimes we will apply the fee towards work needed.
Computer updates on the Honda diagnostic system run an hour or more depending on the required updates. Rates can also run higher.

Warranty Guarantee

We guarantee the quality of our work, this extends for 6 months on our labor. Parts carry different manufacturer warranties, and we will always inform the customer as to what we recommend for what they need.

Wheel Locks

Some vehicles have one locking lug nut. This is called a wheel lock. Wheel locks are required if your tires require them in order to change brakes, rotate tires, or any service with the removal of your tires.

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What Our Clients Say

Very good. Very honest. Honda and Acura only, but they know EVERYTHING about both. They do it right the first time, and do ONLY what is needed. Both of which saves me a lot of money. Just take your car in every 5,000 miles and ask them to do what is needed. 280k on one of our cars, 180k on the other. Both work and ride great, neither drip anything in our garage or on our driveway.

Keith N.

10 May, 2019

If you want a honest place to take your Honda or Acura this is the place to take it. After moving to Yucaipa I had a hard time looking for a place to service my cars. I'm the type of person that does not my vehicles touch when doing work. But after talking to Ramona I gave her place all the trust she is very patient with my experience. Everything went well as described. Thank you Ramona!

Graciela P.

01 January , 2020

So my husband has been bringing his old Honda Accord (2001) to Reids for years for oil change and repair. They are honest and find the problem quickly and repair it in a timely manner. When we were thinking of buying another car, we choose Honda again because Reids is the only auto repair that we trust. We even take our new Honda for oil changes and maintenance.

Sue L.
01 October, 20179

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Reid has been servicing nothing but Hondas and Acuras for over 43 years. There isn’t anything that happens to a Honda that we haven’t already fixed many times before. During his many years Reid has tracked trends and this knowledge is taught and applied daily. The knowledge that we pass on means we can save time and money, we can diagnose quickly and easily, diverting long expensive fact finding fixes. This is how we can diagnose at affordable prices, giving quality service at affordable prices. We work hard to provide our customers the total package.

Reid’s focus is to make sure our customers understand the need for following a regular maintenance schedule to extend the quality of their vehicles safety and life. Our mission is to provide our customers with an open, honest, cost efficient car care environment. At Reid’s, we pride ourselves in sharing and applying his Honda knowledge and aptitude, allowing customers to understand their car’s maintenance needs. 

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At Reid’s we offer genuine Honda parts, we also offer quality “after market” parts and we will advise when these can be used to the customers advantage both in superior quality and cost. We also use genuine Honda fluids for your engine, transmission, and differential needs.




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